Initially, it’s should be understood that in Counter-Strike: Supply (CS), there are a number of totally different map varieties. These varieties are:

Bomb Map (de)

The Terrorist objective in a bomb map is to run to a selected location (marked in your map) and plant an explosive. The explosive is on a timer, so as soon as it’s planted, you will need to defend it till detonation.

The counter-terrorist objective on bomb maps is to stop the terrorists from planting the bomb in any respect prices. This may be carried out by eliminating the entire terrorists, defusing the planted bomb, or (in some instances) defending the bomb web site till time runs out.

Hostage Rescue (cs)

In host rescue maps, the first objective for counter-terrorists is to rescue hostages captured and held by the Terrorists. You too can win by eliminating the terrorist group.

The Terrorist objective is to easily stop the counter-terrorists from rescuing the hostages by eliminating them, or sustaining management of the hosts till time runs out.

Bomb Maps – Counter-Terrorist

As a counter-terrorist on bomb maps, your greatest wager (by far) is to get rid of the terrorist group earlier than they’ll plant the bomb. Defusing the bomb makes you a sitting duck, and it is a state of affairs you need to keep away from. Holding the terrorists trying to plant the bomb means you get to remain on the defensive, which provides you a bonus.

Bomb Maps – Terrorist

As a terrorist, your solely objective is to utterly overrun a bomb web site. If you cannot take management of a bomb web site throughout the first 30 seconds, your group will possible lose the spherical. One of the best technique is to hurry everybody on a group besides for two or 3 (tops) to a single web site. The opposite few gamers will act as a distraction on the different web site, so the counter-terrorists guarding it don’t are available in as re-enforcements.

Hostage Maps – Counter-Terrorist

I’ve discovered the perfect technique to be spreading the group out and attacking from all angles. Coordinate a simultaneous assault if potential, however ensure no person simply “runs in, weapons blazing,” as a result of that approach virtually ensures dying in a number map.

If one facet of the assault manages to punch via and get inside the world beneath Terrorist management, the remainder of the group ought to transfer to that space so as to help the assault.

Hostage Maps – Counter-Terrorist

As a terrorist, your solely technique right here ought to be to sit down and wait. Your objective is for them to come back to you. Sit, Wait, and SHOOT!

Generic Methods

Pretend Reload

Shoot a spherical out of your pistol firstly of the match. If you assume (or hear) an enemy close by, swap to your pistol, press reload, and shortly swap again to your most important rifle. Most enemies will bounce out and assault once they hear the reload sound as a result of they assume you’re defenceless.


This has turn out to be a staple of counter-strike over the previous years, however some gamers don’t fairly perceive it. If you’re in a firefight on the vary, you possibly can strafe-shoot to take care of accuracy however nonetheless make your self a troublesome goal.

The way in which strafe-shooting is completed is by urgent (or tapping) the strafe key to getting your participant shifting and releasing it simply as you start to fireplace. Your participant will proceed to maneuver for an additional step, however your pictures can be correct.

The AWP No-Scope

Many individuals have had issues with this, and it’s actually so easy. A No-Scope shot is once you shoot an opponent with a sniper rifle with out utilizing the scope. For all sniper rifles, the cross-hairs have been eliminated if you find yourself not utilizing the scope, and the weapons are extremely inaccurate. This was carried out deliberately to drive individuals to make use of the scopes on sniper rifles. The issue with the scope is that it’s troublesome to make short-range pictures, and your participant strikes very slowly whereas wanting via it, so that you turn out to be a straightforward goal. The answer to that is the No-Scope shot.

The No-Scope is just carried out by urgent the correct and left mouse buttons on the similar time whereas your intent goal is as near the centre of your aiming level as potential (you must estimate this). The scope will pop up for a small fraction of a second, and your shot can be correct.


You’ll discover after enjoying Counter-Strike for a very long time that almost all gamers comply with very predictable patterns. Ammunition is expendable, and any of the rifles (AK-47, M4, and so on.) will penetrate via concerning the first Three inches of a nook. When approaching corners that always have opponents on the opposite facet, shoot the nook. You’ll typically hit your enemies earlier than they see you.

by M. Holland

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